Pathway Reflection

Joining to the George Mason University in the first semester was a different experience. It was a complete cultural shift. Pursuing pathway was a different yet special experience. The teaching style and the class environment helped me improve my confidence. I studied two courses apart from my main degree courses, one was Eap 508 and the other was INYO 504. The professors in these courses helped me get along with the American education system seamlessly and also helped me to improve in all the things where I once lacked. The various techniques taught in classes helped me to learn and improve my skills and I also got to know new techniques like annotating articles and different types of articles. These skills which I have been taught and I have practiced throughout this semester will help in my professional life, and will give me a competitive advantage over other people.

Apart from the academic experiences, there are many other things I would never forget, the first and foremost thing is the experience of learning with people from different ethnicities. I have enjoyed every bit of my time here at INTO center, I have made many friends and memories that I will cherish throughout my life. Secondly, all the workshops and extracurricular activities I have done during these four months have made me different human being, I can feel the change and difference before and after studying this pathway program.

Overall, my experience of INTO pathway was amazing and I would recommend people to join this program if you have an option to do so. I assure you that you will learn a lot from this and will see a definite change in yourself once you matriculate.