Writing Samples

INYO 501/502/504-“Activity Reflection”

This is my assignment in which I had to describe my experience at mason. In this, I have described my first experience of Mason when I first attended the OIPS mixer in the second week of my university. I feel these types of activities help break the ice between the students, and as an international student, these activities are the most important part of university life. I would encourage everyone to take part in this type of activities so you can enjoy your university life to your fullest. To read more about it click the link below.

Activity reflection

EAP 507/508 “Poster activity”

In this course, we were asked to work in groups and write a proposal and make a poster regarding how we can use engineering techniques to reduce climate problems. My group members and I proposed a solution in which we used natural language processing and machine learning model Naive Bayes to gather and identify misinformation about climate. We proposed to make a framework that can identify false news about climate so people can easily differentiate between authentic and false news. Due to this the misconceptions and false rumors about climate would stop over the social networking platforms and it will help to work in favor of climate using authentic and accurate information. To see our poster head over to the link.