Academic Plan of Study

Academic Plan of study

In this section, I am sharing my academic plan. The table below shows the courses I have taken during the current semester and courses I am planning to take in my upcoming semesters. My academic advisor Mr. Hugh Miller helped me in choosing these subjects. I am looking forward to studying these courses and complete my degree with flying colors.


Academic plan semester wise

Semester course credits
Spring 2020 STAT 515: Visualization for Analytics 3
  CS 504: Principles of Data Management and Mining 3
Fall 2020 AIT 580: Big Data to Information 3
  OR 531: Analytics and Decision Analysis 3
  AIT 524: Database Management Systems 3
Spring 2021 AIT 664: Info: Represent, Process, Viz 3
  AIT 664: Big Data Essentials 3
  AIT 582: Applications of Metadata in Complex Big Data Problems 3
Fall 2021 AIT 590: Intro to Natural Language Processing 3
  DAEN (project) 3