Cover Letter

999 North Capitol St,

Washington, DC 20002

12th April 2020

NeighborWorks America

Dear Hiring Manager,

It is a pleasure to be applying for the Data Administrator position at NeighborWorks America. As a highly observant person and a team player, I am passionate to work with your company. I am excited at the idea of serving the team and working with a fabulous team. I believe that your company is a proper place where I can exercise my skills, which I have developed while working. I am an avid learner and I am always ready to take on different challenges and learn from them. I am always a big supporter of teamwork and always wanted to work with thorough professionals, so I can learn from their experiences and I think there is nothing you can achieve without a team.

During my previous role as a web developer. I played a major role in dealing with clients and always have their requirements fulfilled with rigorous effort and dedication to meet client requirements. I have a passion to serve others; I have assisted my colleagues and fellow workers with their problems and tasks. I have always stressed on work ethics, and I have never compromised my work over anything.

My experience in the market has made me confident that if you are dedicated and passionate you can do wonders, and this is the only driving force that keeps me up and working. As everybody is familiar with the fast-paced dynamic technology industry; you have to be an avid learner to remain in the competition and I am fond of learning new technologies and advancements in the industry, so I always try to improve my skills and keep them up to date. I have worked on many projects related to data with different techniques and I am punctual with assigned goals, and high frequency and load of work don’t bother me. My work has trained me to think analytically and work according to user demands, and also refined my communication skills.

I would be thankful if you consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time and consideration. If you want to reach me; you can call at (571-662-9917).


Hamza Habib